Comparing House Painters

You should always compare your estimates from one contractor to another. Not all estimates are going to include the same materials, coats of paint, prep work, caulk and labor, that’s just a few examples.

When comparing one proposal with the next you can have a better understanding as to what your actually going to be paying for. You want to hire the painting contractor that will provide you the best VALUE, warranties, quality workmanship, quality materials and whom is knowledgeable and professional.

All house painters are not equal, I have composed a checklist that can be used the next time that you would like to hire a Painting Company.

  • Does the painting contractor provide a written labor warranty?
  • Does the painting contractor provide more than 5 references with names and numbers of satisfied customers? Past surveys?
  • Does the painting contractor provide photos or videos of past projects?
  • Does the painting contractor have any prior reports against them with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is the painting contractor insured?
  • Is the painting contractor going to use quality products? (Primer, paint, stain, caulk)
  • Does the painting contractor provide a free color consultation?
  • Does the painting contractor provide a clearly outlined proposal in writing? Including the number of coats you will be getting?
  • Does the proposal clearly include all labor, materials, warranty and equipment necessary to complete your project?
  • Does the proposal include the proper preparation for your project? Washing of surfaces to be painted or stained, scraping of surfaces, primer, caulking, filling holes, etc. Covering your assets with plastic and drop clothes?
  • Does the painting contractor perform moisture testing on exterior substrates, ensuring moisture levels are OK to apply paint or stain?
  • Does the painting contractor provide you with information about safety, warranty, their company, proper preparation and the materials they will be using?
  • Is the painting contractor knowledgeable and informative?
  • Is the painting contractor punctual for your estimate?
  • Is the painting contractor business like, professional and courteous?
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  1. Lawrence Rudisill

    Can you provide an example of a good written labor warranty?

  2. Here’s ours;
    *Applies to Exterior Paint Work Only – Excludes Decks and Exterior Stains

    An exterior paint warranty that applies to customers that have chosen to use all recommended products and preparation techniques. The warranty covers peeling, blistering and chipping of the new paint film after application that is the result of defective workmanship.

    Crowder Painting will repair any painted surface found to be defective due to poor workmanship for a period of 3 years from the completion date.

    The warranty includes the costs of materials if originally supplied by Crowder Painting.
    What is Not Covered:

    The cost of any materials or products needed to do warranty repairs if the paints or materials where not supplied by or approved by Crowder Painting.

    The paint warranty is void for the following items.

    *Paint defects caused by severe weather. (Hail, etc)
    * Normal wear and tear.
    *Abuse of any painted or stained surface.
    *Painted surface in poor condition. (rough, loose, damaged, rotted wood)
    *Water/moister damage.
    *Severe or excessive peeling of previous coatings. (Note: warranty does not apply to previously applied paint that may loosen later.)
    *Painted surface found to be defective or delaminating.
    *Defects in the buildings design or construction.

  3. Our exterior labor warranty is very similar to crowder painting. Ours also excludes decks and any walking surfaces, but covers labor only for repairs due to defective labor that would be our fault. Our warranty will not cover the same items that crowders doesn’t cover.

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