Conditioning Wood for Staining

By Steve Anthony

Conditioning softwoods before staining will help you get a nice even look. Many pre-stain conditioners are available but you could also use sanding sealer or shellac to prepare wood for staining. This short video includes a formula for mixing your own wood conditioner.

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  1. I don’t use wood conditioner just because of the cost. I use clear oil stain base or clear glaze base and I thin it 50% with paint thinner or naphtha. It does the same job as the retail wood conditioners at 1/2 the cost. You can spray brush or wipe on the mix and then IMMEDIATELY wipe off the mix thoroughly. Wait 24 hours and wipe brush or spray you stain on! Used this method for years. On site wood work and front door refinishing is all I have done in Cincinnati for 40 years!

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