Consider Exterior Height and Obstructions into Quote

As a contractor he or she must look over every potential obstruction when placing a bid on a potential customers home. Are the shrubs over grown and touching the house? Is the land level or uneven? Are the neighbors cars right next to the house. What type of traffic whether human or vehicular will impede or slow down the paint job? Is the house a one, two, or three story?

The painter must make prior arrangements with the homeowner to get the shrubs away from the house either by subbing it out or having the home owner do it. I as a painter would make the homeowner take care of shrub removal. This being said, if the homeowner does not like the way the painter “trimmed the shrubs” the painter just lost the paint job. Customers are very particular and have different views on trimming shrubs.

The levelness or “lay of the land” is definitely going to be a cost factor. It is far easier to paint a house where the land is level. Here “ladder setup” or “staging” is not as difficult or dangerous. It takes more time to “stage” ladders and picks on an uneven surface than a level one.

What type of accommodations will the painter have to make with the neighbors to utilize their property if it is in close proximity to the homeowners? When ladders and other equipment are needed to be placed on the neighbors property and there is no way around it, the painter is responsible for making these arrangements. Hopefully but not always the case the neighbors will be courteous.

Traffic flow of vehicles and humans can slow down a job. Is the house directly on the street where the painter must place his equipment in a certain area at a certain time of day to avoid disruptions?

If the house is a professionals office with streams of traffic the painter must plan accordingly.

The structures height must also be taken into account, the higher the structure the more time it will take to prep and paint.

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