Contractor – Homeowner Win-Win Situation

From a contractors stand point he or she must feel comfortable with the home owner(s) before entering into a contract, before making the necessary improvements. This being said the home owner must know exactly what they want and the procedure that is going to get them to the final result of their project.

Homeowner(s) do not like to be surprised in the way of unexpected disruptions to their environment. Furniture and pictures must come down or be covered up. Computers and televisions must be unplugged etc. Basically the room under improvement is going to be totally in disarray for a certain time period. It is up to the contractor to note this disruption to the homeowner(s) prior to commencement of the project.

As a home owner they must expect a certain amount of disruption to their living quarters so that the improvement will be done in the most professional way. For an entire room to be painted furniture no matter how large or small must be moved away from the walls. Cords, wires, and draperies etc. must come down until the project is complete. This is an upset to the homeowner(s) but it provides the contractor to perform the work professionally.

“DUST” can be a major challenge to both the contractor and homeowner(s). Where the contractor has patched and taped a hole or structural crack requires sanding. If the room contents are not well covered as well as entry ways into other rooms, there will be a “Dust Storm” that is time consuming for the contractor to clean up and a unprofessional situation that it happened in the first place. The homeowner(s) should make sure that the contractor takes every necessary precaution to protect the homeowners valuables from start to finish.

Getting the cheapest price by the homeowner is usually not a wise decision. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is true. If a contractor feels he or she is not getting the money they deserve they will cut corners on their workmanship and materials. Using a better grade of paints and materials should be spelled out in the beginning. This assure that the contractor does not use commercial grade paint when the homeowner(s) expect name brand quality.

Rowe’s Painting and Carpentry is dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced making sure that your project, no matter how large or small stands out from the rest.

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  1. Milestone

    Think win-win is the 4th habit among the 7 habits of highly effective people. Think win-win would also be best applied in choosing an efficient painting contractor. Seek agreements and relationships between you (contractor) and the homeowner that are mutually beneficial.

    Yes, I agree with your statement that goes – “You get what you pay for”. Be honest to your customer all the time. Through mutual trust and honesty, you can build respect and rapport to your customers / clients.

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