Coordinating Paint Colors for a Kids’ Shared Bathroom

Everyone would love their own bathroom, but many share a bathroom with the rest of the family. If there is an extra bathroom available, everyone is excited. However a shared bathroom that is being used by siblings, can be problematic in terms of a color scheme. Two sisters or two brothers who share the space are usually easy to accommodate, but when a brother and a sister share the bathroom, color coordination can get tricky.

The ideas below will provide some easy and practical ideas for creating painted bathroom decor.

He Said, She Said

Children love to express themselves. Instead of fighting over whether to add teddy bears or trucks to the shared bathroom’s decor, let children express themselves with painted wall words instead.

Begin by painting the bathroom a crisp, clean white. This will make the room appear larger and be a great background for the details to follow.

Next, allow each child to pick his and her favorite color. If the colors coordinate, that is ideal, so try to steer children toward certain color choices.

Next, paint the children’s names, in their chosen paint colors, on one of the walls. You can also paint adjectives that describe each child on the walls. For example, paint Jessica’s name in pink and then paint adjectives like, smart, funny and pretty, around her name. This helps bolster self-esteem and creates a truly unique space for each child. You can separate the words by wall or mix the adjectives together, so that the color of the paint distinguishes which ones are for which child.

Simply Striped

Polka dots are feminine, but stripes can be used equally as well in a boys’ bathroom as they can in a girls’ bathroom. If the bathroom is being shared by a brother and sister, let them choose coordinating paint colors that can be used to paint stripes on the wall of the bathroom.

Tape vertical lines of painters tape on the bathroom wall and alternate the colors of paint. Leaving stripes of white in between the colored stripes is a great way to break up the pattern and provide visual interest. When selecting towels and linens for the room, choose colors that coordinate with the stripe.

Black and White

For older children and teens, consider taking the color out of the bathroom and doing the room in a black and white geometric theme. The walls can be painted white with stenciled black accents. The feel of the room can be anything from bold and geometric to sophisticated and posh. Use the children’s interests and personalities to guide the decorative accents in the room. For young children, a color scheme this stark may not be appropriate, but the general colors can always be accented with brighter colors to lighten the feel of the space.

Coordinating the paint colors in a shared bathroom, especially one that is being used by a brother and sister, is important for creating a room that looks and feels organized. Do not be afraid to ask the children for their input and use their designs or ideas as inspiration, as well. When the bathroom is done, and they have been able to express their ideas, it will be a room that is enjoyed by all.

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