Coordinating Paint Colors

By Scarlett Lovitt (Houston, Texas)

Every room in the house deserves its own color in order to make it unique and special. However, you want to make sure that the colors that you use, even though they are in different rooms, coordinate together to make a beautifully balance home. When colors are thrown together in every room, the result is a distracting look that you can never rest in and that always seems unbalanced. If you have this feeling, it is time to coordinate.

You don’t need to have the kitchen and dining room decorated the same. Each room can stand on its own in terms of decor. However if you are going with a theme, you can coordinate one room with the other but it is not necessary. For example, if you want to go with an Italian theme, you can paint your kitchen white and accessorize with green and red. Your dining room can be a bit more relaxing so use a sandstone color or a darker tone of brown and stencil grapes around the top. Make the lighting adjustable so you can dim it when you want to. You can make your kitchen bright and cheerful and the dining room warm and relaxing but they blend together.

You want to avoid placing bright colors on bright colors. This will be more of a distraction and will not look and feel balanced like it should. There are variations of colors so you need to find exactly the right color to balance the look in your rooms. There are primary colors as well as secondary colors to choose from. You cannot blend a primary to a primary and a secondary to a secondary unless you use blending shades or different hues. You can mix a primary to a secondary to get a balanced look.

Another option you have is to paint the walls all through your house neutral colors. There are so many different neutral colors to choose from so your home doesn’t have to look bland and dull. You can choose white colors for your kitchen, beige for your living room, and brown tones for your bedrooms. Placing neutral colors on the walls is safe and it allows you to add color to your rooms by accessorizing. You can change your accessories to match the season or to get a new look you wanted. The choice is up to you and your possibilities are endless. Most homeowners choose this method for many reasons.

  • It’s more affordable – the main cost is the cost of painting the walls. Accessorizing can be done with minimal expense and can even be made through simple easy sew projects or no sew projects.
  • The accessories can be changed many times during the year or it can remain the same for several years.
  • It’s an easy choice to make when you have a hard time deciding what color to decorate with.
  • Accessorizing allows you to create a new look in every room.
  • You can place the accessories from one room to another in order to change the look.


There are so many ways that you can create a new look and coordinate the colors.

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