Creating a Romantic Bedroom with Paint Colors

A bedroom should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It should also be a romantic spot in the house where love and comfort abound. One of the best ways to create such an atmosphere is through the use of paint. The colors in the room play a significant role in what type of feeling the room evokes. If you want to create a romantic room, try one of the paint decors listed below. They are sure to provide you with the warmth that a romantic room needs.

Deep Purple

Forget about light purples and shiny violet; instead, choose a dark, deep, rich purple for your bedroom’s decor. Deep purple is a regal, royal color that speaks of wealth and luxury. They are key elements to a romantic room. Instead of painting the entire room a deep purple, you can paint one or two accent walls to set off the space. If the bedroom is very large, you may want to paint all of the walls. It will draw the room in closer and create more of an intimate feel. One important thing to consider when selecting the paint is the undertone. For a romantic room, you want to be sure that the paint has a warm undertone, as opposed to a cool one.

Cranberries and Cream

Cranberry red coupled with a rich, warm cream is a beautiful choice for any room’s decor. In the bedroom, these colors can combine to add instant romantic appeal. Use a two-tone design for your bedroom walls with this combination. From a chair rail height down, paint the walls cranberry red. The upper portion of the walls should be finished in the beautiful cream color that accents it so well. A wallpaper border or molding can create a clean separation between the two portions of the wall. Draw the colors from the wall into the bedding and room accessories. Paired with a dark mahogany wood, a cranberries and cream bedroom will have a one of a kind romantic look.

Winter White

There is something pure and innocent about a bedroom decorated entirely in white. The trick for the decorator is finding shades of white that match one another. When designing a romantic white bedroom, opt for a white that has warm undertones and a crisp, clear look. Mottled or off-shade colors will make the room appear dingy and yellowish. For the perfect romantic look to be achieved, the walls must reflect innocence and beauty, not discolored paint. Carry a sample card of the paint color around with you when searching for bedding and accessories, so that you can make sure you have matching shades.

Creating a romantic bedroom is a great way to create an escape at the end of the day. It gives couples a chance to unwind and relax with one another in a comfortable setting. Never underestimate how important it is to choose the right paint color. Even with a beautiful shade, if the undertone is too cool or the color is slightly off, the room will not have the look you desire. Take the time to carefully select the paint, before rushing in with a roller to paint to the walls.

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