Creating Intricate Patterns with Paint

Creating intricate patterns with paint on room walls is a process that requires patience and creativity. It also requires the use of proper tools and plenty of time to complete the project.

If company is coming in 24 hours it may not be the best time to begin an intricate paint pattern on the living room, because of the time required. However, creating intricate patterns with paint can be done with great success. The tips and tricks below will help make the process easier and less time consuming.


Picking a pattern is the first step. A highly intricate pattern will require more time than simple polka dots or stripes, so choose wisely. Celtic designs and faux hanging tapestries are popular intricate patterns that are commonly painted on walls. A design that speaks to the decor of the room and the heart of the family who lives there will be the best choice.

Getting It On The Wall

By far, the best way to transfer intricate patterns from paper to the wall is by making a transparency and projecting it onto the wall’s surface. Most office supply stores and copy centers can transform an image into a transparency with ease. High-quality home printers are also often able to print out a transparency.

Once the image has been transferred, shine it onto the wall with a projector and trace the pattern with a non-smudging pencil. The pencil is the key to making sure that there is not a lot of smudging on the walls which could interfere with the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface.

Proper Tools

Using the proper tools to paint the intricate pattern on the wall will result in a much neater finished product. Invest in high-quality, artist brushes that offer fine-tip points and smooth brush strokes. The more detailed the design, the finer the brush tips will need to be. Quality tools can be expensive, so consider looking in the newspaper or online for people who are selling their equipment. As long as the brushes have been well cared for, they should work just as well as those purchased new.


Patience is the key to creating intricate patterns with paint on any surface. A steady, patient hand results in a detailed piece while impatience will lead to imperfections and a haphazard appearance to the project. Be realistic about the amount of time needed to complete the intricate design before beginning to paint. There is nothing worse than starting to paint an intricate pattern only to realize later that there is not enough time, or the desire, to complete it properly.

Creating intricate patterns with paint can make for amazing focal points in any room. Although a huge undertaking, detailed designs that make their way to walls are truly works of art. With realistic expectations, a commitment to using the right tools and the ability to commit time and effort to the completion of the project, an intricate pattern can be a beautiful addition to any home.

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