Baby pink, blue, or white have traditionally been the go-to colors for a nursery. Soft and soothing, the shades may very well suit some parents, but what about folks who prefer more striking color? In modern times, people are designing the nursery with elements of fun, style, and character, and the choice of paint color clearly reflects this trend.

Colors for You and Your Child

If you enjoy experimenting with color and have your home decorated with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns, there is no reason why the nursery shouldn’t reflect your style. Your baby’s room should be a space that you can enjoy and relax in, which will make caring for your child an easier and more pleasant task. If your home is more conservatively decorated, consider letting your creativity with color run freely when designing the nursery. After all, children tend to prefer bright and bold colors to pale and muted shades.

By two to three months of age, babies are able to perceive color and enjoy high contrast color schemes. Including bold and contrasting colors in the nursery will hold your baby’s attention for longer periods of time and can stimulate his or her brain and vision. As the child grows, he or she will be better able to differentiate among colors and appreciate a wide range of shades. Color the nursery with your baby’s future years in mind, you will more likely veer away from calm baby blue and towards a more exciting color palette.

Ideas for Nursery Colors

Crazy colors include those that are unexpected and refreshing. Shades of grey and black are colors you would not expect to see in a nursery, but can offer a sophisticated, neutral background for striking color. Lemon yellow and steel grey are great complements and create a balance of soothing elegance and bright cheer. Black, white, and fuchsia combine to make a stylish nursery with dramatic impact. Lime green and turquoise work well together to create a bright and fun ambience for you and your child.

Some other paint colors that are great for jazzing up the nursery include glow-in-the-dark paint, blackboard paint, and glazes to create interesting looks and textures. Glow-in-the-dark paint can be used to create a wall mural in a nursery with an outer space theme, or used to draw luminous stars and planets on the ceiling. Blackboard paint is especially fun for a child learning to write or draw. Apply the paint on a section of the wall that is convenient for your child to access. Glazes used for faux finishing provide a tactile addition to the nursery that both you and your child will love.

Lastly, bear in mind that it is possible to go too crazy on color. You do not want the nursery to be over stimulating, such that you find it difficult to tend to your child in peace, or he or she is unable to get proper rest. Bold color balanced with grounding and calming shades create the most suitable environment for a nursery.

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