Creative Ideas for Painting Interior Doors

Doors within the home are typically plain, and most are either stained or painted a solid color. Although household doors are available with raised panels, most do not add color or impact the theme or decorating scheme of the room.

Surprising to some, interior doors of all styles can be painted in a number of creative ways that will add considerable color and appeal. The following creative ideas will help you get started on painting doors in your home in unique new ways.

Painting a Contemporary-Inspired Door

In a room with contemporary style, consider using a door as a blank canvas and painting a dramatic and colorful work of art. Use the lines and panels of the door along with a level and a T-square to create an amazing contemporary design. Create rectangles, bars, and squares filled with color, and highlight them further by trimming the shapes with bold lines. Paint the geometric shapes in primary colors, or follow the color scheme of the room. This easy weekend project will add considerable style to the home, and it will cost far less than you ever imagined when painting it yourself.

Painting a Tranquil Outdoor Scene on an Interior Door

Is your home lacking a scenic view of the outdoors? If you are artistically inclined and want to create a tranquil scene within the home, consider painting a scene on an interior door. Paint a background complete with clear blue skies that darken as it touches the horizon and a green pasture with a clear stream that flows alongside a quaint cottage in the distance. Surround the cottage with colorful flowers in window boxes and barrels. Let your imagination be your guide and transform a bare interior door into the scenic view you have always wanted.

Create a Starry Night on an Interior Door

Would you like a simple yet impressive idea for painting a flat interior door? Consider a celestial theme for an interior door. Paint a flat wooden door deep black, and after the paint dries fill the night sky with dozens of stars of varying sizes and distances to create a sense of depth. Consider painting actual constellations, and top the painted stars with a layer of iridescent gloss that will make them sparkle and shine. Glow-in-the-dark paint can also be used to create a dramatic nighttime display. This creative theme is ideal for painting doors in a celestial-themed room, and when painted with care it will look outstanding.

Painting a Rainbow of Colors against a Cloudy Blue Sky on an Interior Door

A rainbow is one of the most eye-catching natural occurrences, and the beauty of a magnificent rainbow can be recreated on an interior door. Paint a sky-blue background cover by fluffy white clouds, and paint a rainbow that arches from one side of the door to the other. Be sure to follow the pattern of the color wheel when painting the rainbow, and artistically blend one color into the next for added realism.

Paint an Interior Door with Architectural Designs

If you have ever noticed the amazing colors and patterns of the trim on old architecture you probably realize how beautiful and eye-catching it can be. When looking for creative ways of painting an interior door, consider painting the trim, molding, and raised panels in rich vibrant colors typically found on the trim of an old turn-of-the-century building. In the right setting, painted paneled wood doors can look absolutely amazing.

Paint an Interior Door with Elegant Fleur De Lis Designs

One of the most elegant and regal ways to paint an interior door is with fleur de lis medallions. If you have never heard of fleur de lis, search for an example online. You will discover architectural style floral medallions with French flair. Copy and transfer a large fleur de lis medallion onto a backdrop of navy blue. Paint the door trim in gold to complete this majestic look that is sure to impress.

These are just some of the ways in which interior doors can be painted to look like stunning works of art. Interior doors can be painted to match virtually any style or theme, and it does not always take artistic talent to create a stunning work of door art. With the help of straightedges, stencils, and tracing paper you can create amazing painted works of art that will definitely turn heads without emptying your wallet.

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