Creative Ways to Update Bedroom Furniture with Paint

By jessica

Painting furniture is by far one of the least expensive ways to dramatically change the look of a bedroom. Color has the power to completely change the style and mood of a space, and over the course of a weekend it is possible to transform an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary showplace using paint and a little creativity.

If a dresser, a desk, a chest or drawers, or a side table is a little worse for wear, give it a coat of color instead of stripping and refinishing with stain. It really is very easy to give bedroom furnishings a designer look without a designer price. Step outside of the box, and consider using paint instead of stain and varnish. Add color to a bedroom by giving furniture a completely new and durable painted finish.

Painting Furniture with Enamel

People are sometimes hesitant to paint furniture because they are afraid that paint will cheapen the look. On the contrary, paint can add a great deal of character and turn otherwise ordinary bedroom furniture into rich looking and exceptionally stylish pieces. This is especially helpful in a bedroom with mismatched furnishings. Painted pieces of furniture that do not match will become unified by color, and when outfitted with matching knobs and pulls they will look like they went together all along.

When deciding on paint colors for furniture, consider selecting shades that are darker versions of painted bedroom walls or devise a combination of colors. Otherwise, choose an accent color from existing bedroom furnishings. Consider the attitude as well as the style of the room before making a choice. Furniture coated with paint will not become the focal point of the bedroom. Instead, it will compliment the room and create a cohesive look that will blend well with the overall style and appearance of the space.

Before painting wood furniture, remove all handles, knobs, and hardware. Consider whether you will keep the original knobs and pulls, and if replacements do not fit the span of the holes, fill them in with wood putty. Once the wood putty dries, sand the area smooth and the holes will no longer be apparent. Next, use a small electric sander to remove any loose paint or varnish. Apply primer according to product label instructions, and allow it to dry completely before painting with enamel. If necessary, apply another coat after the initial coat dries, and allow it to dry before drilling holes for new knobs and handles. The finished furniture will all match and more than likely it will look better than new.

Painting Wood with Automotive Paint

Most people do not realize that automotive paint is a fantastic product for redoing furniture, and bedroom furnishings that take a beating can be protected with a coating of sturdy and scratch-resistant automotive paint. It is perfect for painting wood furniture in a child’s bedroom. Automotive paint infused with flecks of glitter is ideal for painting accents and furniture trim, and it will give bedroom furniture a unique and stylish new look that will last indefinitely. Thousands of colors are available, and the combination’s are truly endless.

Begin by preparing the surface to be painted by sanding away any loose paint or varnish, and wipe away any dust. Next, provide adequate ventilation, preferably outdoors, and apply the recommended primer for the type of paint chosen. Carefully follow product label instructions, and once the primer is completely dry, apply the paint. Once dry the finished surface will be smooth and very easy to wipe clean with a soft rag and clear water. Best of all, it might never require painting again.

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  1. Anonymous

    I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to post warnings. Most people now a days have the thought that if it isn’t me it doesn’t matter. I was planning on painting three of my children’s furniture this weekend, who knows what health hazards you saved my children from. Thank you again.

  2. Anonymous

    Be aware that automotive paints are emitting chemicals not advisable to inhale-especially indoors-and in children`s rooms.
    I wouldn`t be happy to expose my child to inhale them all the time- period.

  3. Anonymous

    I have been painting cars for years and I beleive you are over looking a very important safety factor. The hardener used in these paints are loaded with icocyinates (nasty stuff) and they will leach out of the paint for several months. You do not want these chemicals in your home! Another safety concern is the fact that in a fire automotive paint gives off toxic fumes.

    Auto paint looks great and is very durable, but is NOT SAFE FOR ITEMS INSIDE YOUR HOME.

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