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Home Improvements During Tough Times

It is no secret that we have entered a very difficult time in history. With the housing crash and resulting construction slow down and job losses, we are all in for some belt tightening. However, this does not mean that our homes need to be denied the improvements that we have been planning.

How can we suggest that now is a time to spend money for new carpet or new cabinets or even the expense of painting and otherwise ‘fixing up’ our homes?

Many of us were right on the edge of putting our house on the market in order to move into something newer or better. Then one day we woke up to realize that not only had our home lost value, it would be difficult to sell it in a market where even people with good credit are not able to secure financing.

So after taking a long look at the new economic playing field many have decided to stay where they are and fix up the home. This makes sense. Since you were tired of the old place and were longing for something new, why not add some of the new features that you were planning for the new house. And remember, any improvements that you do to your house now will pay off later. The economy will not stay in the doldrums forever. When the market returns any improvements that you have made will only make the house worth more to a prospective buyer.

Let’s say for example, you had planned to have an entrance foyer and had your heart set on a Tuscan relief faux texture. Or your Master Bath was going to be a highly polished Venetian Plaster. Maybe your dining room was going to have an antiqued gold leaf ceiling with color blended crackle walls. All of this was just in the planning stages but you could already imagine the beauty of each room.

Now think for a bit and imagine your present entrance foyer done in the rich sun drenched walls of Tuscany. Imagine your dining room with crackle walls so beautiful that your guests ooh and aah and beg you to tell them how it was done. And your Master bath now has the cool stone feel of polished marble walls.

The beauty of these finishes is that you don’t need to hire the professional to get professional results.

So what is the answer? Do-it-yourself! You don’t have to pay a professional to have beautiful results. Now let me say here that I am such a professional. I have been working for years as a faux finish artist. And I will be the first to tell you that you can have any finish you want for just the cost of the material. All you need is to find a reliable source for instruction. Look for a source that will tell you what you need to do, how you need to do it, what tools and materials you will need, and even how to prepare the area in which you will be working.

All of the materials and tools are readily available at the corner paint store or Big Box store. All you need is for someone to show you which tools and materials you need. Do you need to spend money on classes? There are some very nice schools that offer instruction in various kinds of faux effects. If you feel more comfortable attending one of these classes that is what you should do. However, these can also prove to be pricey. Classes and seminars can vary from $299 to $1599 or more. They certainly have their place. But if an on-line source could give you the same detailed instruction complete with pictures, wouldn’t it be worth a try?

We are entering a time of doing things ourselves. I went on line the other day and figured out what was wrong with my clothes drier. I ordered the necessary part and fixed it myself. I’m 57 and had never fixed a drier. Until now! My wife wanted a sliding drawer in a cabinet. This was a built in cabinet that I had someone custom build years ago and served as a dressing vanity. Did I go back to the professional cabinet maker to come and make one of the shelves so that it would slide out? Nope. Did it myself. Works perfectly.

My point is that with a little help we can all do things in our home that we never thought we could do. Including fancy faux finishes.

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  1. Anonymous

    This makes a lot of sense. I have noticed that a lot of talk shows are emphasizing the do it yourself aspect of getting things done. This article is right on point. We need more like this. Great web site too.

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