Decorative Painting for Concrete Basement Floors

Basement floors are always problematic, because of the potential for moisture and mold to accumulate. While most finished basements boast tile floors, if your home has a tendency to collect moisture during periods of excessive rain, you may be hesitant to spend the money on expensive tiling. One option that you have is to paint the concrete floor in a decorative pattern. This not only provides visual interest, but also allows you to throw down inexpensive area rugs as needed. Use the ideas for decorative concrete floor painting below to get your imagination going.

Tropical Island

If your idea of paradise is a tropical island, turn your basement into a beach retreat. Remove all the furniture from the room and prime the concrete for painting. Special concrete primers can be found at most home improvement and hardware stores. After the primer has dried, sketch out a design for an island on the concrete floor. Surround the white, sandy beaches of the island with a crystal blue ocean. Use paint that will work well on concrete; if you are unsure what type of paint will work best, ask the employees at the home improvement store for advice. Once the island and ocean are painted and dry, move the furniture back into the space. Strategically align the seating areas with the painted island. A palm tree wall mural or stencil is a great way to accent the rest of the room, as well.

Game Boards

When the basement is used most often by children and teens, think about painting game boards on the floor. Checkers and chess, and even Monopoly boards, can be painted on the floor around the room. Begin by priming the concrete and painting it a neutral color. Next, map out where you would like the game boards to go. Use the actual boards as inspiration for designing the ones on the floor. Make sure that you seal the game board area, so that the paint does not chip away or rub off. With fun game boards in full sight, you may find your children playing together on the basement floor much more often.


A labyrinth is a special path, usually circular in design, that is walked to gain inner peace. For the sparsely furnished basement, consider painting a winding labyrinth design on the floor. Paint the concrete a soft, neutral color after priming it. Then use a labyrinth template to design your own painted path on the floor. Be sure to make it a calming, soothing path design that is also wide enough to make walking on it easy and comfortable. You may find that you use the space for quiet times of reflection. Even those who choose not to walk along the labyrinth’s path will enjoy the beauty of the painted design on the basement floor.

Painting the basement floor is a great way to decorate the floor surface without spending a lot of money. By coating the surface with a protective finish, you will be ensuring that the painted design lasts for a long time, even if water seeps into the basement. Have fun and be creative when choosing a design that will grace your basement floors.

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