Elastomeric – A Nightmare

By David Jacobs (Los Angeles, CA)

We built our house in 1984. Three or four years later we repainted the exterior using an elastomeric paint. It has been a nightmare — bubbling, bucking, streaking, peeling at corners. Finally, this year we decided to sandblast the house and start over. The elastomeric had to be peeled off first virtually by hand but not all of it could be removed. We tried sandblasting through it and it resisted.

Now we are trying to find a way to refinish the hideous mess that is the exterior of an otherwise beautiful house. I believe home owners should be warned of the possible ill effects of this product.

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  1. rodney snow stucco master

    It’s not the paint it was the concrete mixture. As with the pyramids, so many where built but only a few stood over the test of time. A perfect mixture is always a factor and if it got frost then it is always trying to rehydrate forever.

  2. Anonymous

    Poor grade of elastomeric

  3. Anonymous

    Such a failure of the coating might have been caused by not properly preparing the stucco before painting or the stucco itself. An improper mix of the stucco, example- too much lime, would cause the coating or any paint to bubble even with priming. Another possibility is a poor grade of elastomeric paint.

  4. val

    Elastomeric paint is horrid! We have peeled and sanded all the bubbling and peeling elastomeric paint. Now we are priming and it is making the elstomeric bubble some more. Horrible horrible paint!

  5. Dave

    Here come the experts saying “the elastomeric is fine, the problem is how you applied it!” Nope. Elastomeric is garbage. No matter how premium you go, it will turn to chalk in a couple years, and by 10 years you will have a very expensive problem to deal with. You can’t cover it with more elastomeric or acrylic – that will impede it’s breathing and it will bubble off the next rain. You can’t scrape it, you can’t sandblast. Chemical takes a ton to be effective and nobody wants to do that work. I’ve had 8 contractors to my house and nobody will touch it. Next round will be inquiring about new stucco.

  6. I painted elastometric on the roof of my bus conversion camper. Horrible. I’d prepped the surface before painting with Rustoleum Elastometric paint. A year later and it was covered in algae, cracking and bubbling. When rain gets on, it goes under the elastometric paint and causes water retention and therefore rust. It’s a classic good idea that is a practical nightmare.

    If anybody wants to start a class action against the makers of this garbage, I’m in!

    I’ve just got through wire brushing some off the roof of my bus and I’m now painting with real, white paint. It’s not even as though that elastimetric crap did any good. It was just as hot inside as outside after applying it!

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