Elastomeric Caulk – The Superior Sealant

Premium elastomeric caulk is highly recommended for most interior and exterior projects. These sealants have great adhesion to almost all surfaces and can stretch 200% or more depending on manufacturer.

Just like elastomeric paint, elastomeric caulking compounds can provide outstanding performance in a wide range of temperatures and weather extremes. This is especially important with exterior applications.

All homes expand and contract with changes in temperature throughout the day and seasons. Gaps and cracks in wood siding can move up to 1/4 inch or more throughout the day. Masonry also expands with heat and contracts with cold.

A sealing compound must be able to adapt to these changes without losing adhesion or cracking. A true elastomeric caulk will do this easily. It will also outlast most caulking types on the market.

Elastomeric caulk is amazing sealant. It can bridge gaps of up to 1/2 inch wide and deep, though it will usually require two applications or the use of foam backer rod to do this effectively. One reason for this is that elastomeric caulk shrinks as it dries. It is recommended that any large or deep gaps should be filled with foam backer rod first, then caulk applied.

Elastomeric Caulk Dries quickly, so you need to tool the caulk immediately after application. See Interior Caulking for tips on how to do this.

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