Exterior Doors and Entry Points

By LJ Alameda-Sew (VictorKlassen.com)

Exterior doors come in all forms. Some are made purely of wood while others combine the mediums of glass, metal, and wood. While other exterior doors are built to be pushed or pulled, some door makers lean towards using the sliding door feature for aesthetic purposes.

Craftsmanship should be evident in the maker of each exterior door as this is the first entry point a person always has to your personal space — your home. Thus, for some families, signs and family symbols are incorporated in the design of their door’s facade. Still, others use door knockers with their insignia inscribed on them. Still for some, their family names or family trees are crafted on their doors.

As for color, some home owner’s integrate the color scheme of their home to the color of their front door. A lightly colored home would normally turn to brown or black. However, a red front door would also do wonders particularly if you are running a shop or a restaurant. It just screams, “Enter!” Here’s a large bet that it will surely do magic for your trade. A blue or green door may also work specifically if the colors speak to your belief system as well. Say, if you espouse the eco-chic mentality, then green is the way to go.

Exterior doors come in a variety of shapes, too. We have seen the usual rectangular door but round or semi-round ones have also been known to exist. A door with a circular arc on the top is also a classic choice.

Whatever your design choices are, take note of them first. Before consulting a professional home builder, ask yourself what you want to see when you arrive home. After taking everything into consideration, then maybe it is time to give that door consultant a call.

LJ Alameda-Sew is a poet, visual artist, and writer for VictorKlassen.com.mx, she also dabbles in the retail shoe industry and in the interior and fashion design during her spare time.

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