Exterior House Painting Part 1 – Pressure Washing

Ever wanted to know how to paint the outside of your house? This is the first segment in our “how to paint your exterior” series. In this exterior painting video I will tell you everything you are going to need to know about pressure washers and how to pressure wash the outside of your home!

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  1. Anonymous

    Really good information for someone who wants to know the proper techniques for a professional job.

    Keep up the videos!

  2. Magic Dave

    First off… background video music is annoying and distracts from the content presented…

    Now… it should be pointed out that power washing average residential sided, stucco or block or brick buildings is usually not required and in fact can severely damage the surfaces in question… washing by hand, using the garden hose, tsp cleaner, rag or brush on a stick with a bucket of hot water-cleaner… is better (not to mention more feasible and cheaper for average home owners)…

    Even the home shown in the video could have been better, and more safely washed by hand…

    Use power washing as a “last resort” not as a “first choice” …

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