Exterior House Painting Part 2 – Caulking, Masking and Priming

This is the second segment in our “Exterior House Painting” series. In this exterior painting video I will tell you everything you are going to need to know about caulking and masking products and how to apply them. These videos are a treasure trove of information if you have ever wanted to know how to paint the outside of your home, but lacked the knowledge to pull it off. These free videos are worth every second of your time if you ever needed tips on exterior house painting.

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  1. Magic Dave

    This video assumes that taping and masking is required but actually it is, only if you are going to spray the exterior…

    Exterior painting, especially for buildings like the one in this video, and for most residential homes, is best done by brush and roll methods…

    Spraying can and does cause many unforeseen problems… paint mist can and will travel thru the air (sometimes for great distances) and land on a neighbor’s car or building (law suit here)… Spraying does not put a good enough finish paint film onto the surface, as direct contact brush and roll techniques do… resulting on failure and premature repainting down the road…

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