Exterior House Painting Part 3 – Spraying the Siding

This is the third segment in our “Exterior House Painting” series. In this painting tutorial video I will tell you everything you are going to need to know about spray equipment, primers and finishes. I will also show you all the techniques and tricks that professionals use to apply these materials so that you can paint the outside of your building.

*After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big help to others.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is the ideal home to spray and make money on the project. If you are a contractor, this is the only way to go. Great job.

  2. Magic Dave

    Again… for buildings of this type and most residential homes… brush and roll is better (see my other comments for these videos)… and Kelly Moore??? Use a better Exterior Paint… Sherwin Williams A-100 (gloss or satin, for this job)…

  3. Only spray an exterior when there is a time crunch, like weather, or customer needs. I agree that roll and brush is the way to go when a quality exterior house painting job is required to be done right.

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