Finding Inspiration for Dining Room Paint Colors

By jessica

When the dining room needs to be repainted, where can you go to find inspiration for the room’s color palette? The easiest, and most appropriate, place to look is the kitchen. Use fresh foods for natural inspiration that will make your dining room pop and your guests feel at ease.


The bright and cheerful yellow of lemons is perfect for an informal dining room color. It is a stimulating color that will encourage appetites, as well as, cheerful moods. Many large restaurant and fast food chains use lemon yellow in their signage and advertising for that very reason.

If painting the walls lemon yellow is too bold for your taste, paint the walls a crisp white and use yellow throughout the room as an accent color. When used in draperies, table dressings and chair fabrics, it adds the same amount of excitement, but without being overpowering.


Depending on the type of apple you select, the red in your dining room could be anywhere from a deep burgundy to a soft pink. Red, like yellow, is frequently used by fast food chains in their logos because of the stimulating effect it has on appetites. That characteristic makes it ideal for dining room decor. Although you can paint the walls red, the shade you choose can also be used in the room’s fabrics and table decor. Painting the bottom half of the wall red and the top half white is also a viable option that will transform the look of your dining room in no time flat. Choose any shade of red to create the perfect look in your own home.


Along with the red and yellow, green is a powerful and stimulating color. Limes provide excellent inspiration, as their color is bright, cheerful and brimming with enthusiasm. Although lime green walls may not be the best choice for a dining room, when paired with lemon yellow or apple red, the green adds depth and vitality to the room. Even when used subtly, like in the leaves of a flower, lime green creates such a powerful impact that it is hard not to feel energized.


Chocolate brown is perfect for an elegant dining room decor. It is luscious and creates a feeling of decadence. Choose silky brown fabrics for curtains and table coverings for the most luxurious appearance. Think about adding a chocolate brown area rug under the cream colored dining room table for extra impact. Together with a creamy tan or soft white, chocolate brown can quickly transform a plain dining room into one that is truly stunning.

The next time that you are trying to select a paint color, take a cue from the food made by Mother Nature. Open your crisper drawers and pull out fruits and vegetables for a natural and stunning color palette. From the dark green of an avocado to the peachy color of a peach, nature provides glorious inspiration for home decor. Use the brighter colors as room accents and select the more neutral shades for main walls and furniture. Against a plain background, the brighter colors will pop!

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