Fun Designs for Your Stairs

Leave the boring, unadorned steps to someone else’s home and turn your stairs into a fun an interesting focal point. Not only are stairs a great place to showcase your creativity, they are also an overlooked spot that can add a lot of character to a home when painted decoratively. Whether you want to add words of inspiration or a cheerful design, the ideas below can help you transform your steps from drab to fab.

Fun Floral

A trailing vine of flowers meandering up your stairs is the perfect way to add visual interest and draw the eye up or down the stairs. Make use of the treads, as well as the steps themselves to paint the vine and flowers. Coordinate the color of the flowers with colors found in the decor of the rooms or hallways that connect the two floors of the home. This will make the stairway seem welcoming and much more whimsical.

Perfect Patterns

Turn your stairs into a geometric journey of shapes and colors. Use patterns to create visual interest on your steps. For an abstract look, paint the stairs white and use black geometric shapes to create an interesting and contemporary design. This is also a fun look to use for stairs leading to an attic or other out-of-the-way staircase.


Butterflies, frogs, flowers and trucks, oh my! Use kid-friendly designs to decorate the stairs leading to a playroom or kid’s room. Cheerful designs done in bright, happy colors against a white background are perfect for creating a whimsical look that will lead to smiles all around.

Say What?

Use your steps to inspire, encourage and brighten the mood of all who traverse them. Paint inspirational words on each step or paint a verse or saying starting from the top step and working your way down. Words like “Hope,” “Faith,” “Smile,” and “Love” are all great options that can help to create a cheerful, positive feel to the space. The words can be painted on any color background with any color of paint to coordinate with the surrounding spaces.

Prep and Preserve

While it is fun to decorate your steps with designs and fanciful words or paintings, it is also important to make sure that your work lasts for a long time. Take the time to properly prepare the stairs by sanding and applying a good base coat first. After the designs have been painted, let them dry completely and apply a few good coats of shellac to keep the painting intact. Do not rush the process or the painting may chip off before you have had a chance to enjoy it for many years.

Painting the stairs is great way to hide imperfections on your stairway and create a whole new look; it also helps to brighten an otherwise dreary area of the house. Designs add personality and can lighten and brighten the feel of the space. Choose a look that defines your style and reflects the look that you want for your home.

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