Fun Murals for the Laundry Room

One of the best ways to add personality to your home is to paint wall murals. While they are commonplace in living rooms and bedrooms, murals are not often seen in some of the lesser frequented rooms. One such room that does not receive a lot of painting attention but deserves some, is the laundry room. A mural painted laundry room will not only make it more fun to go into the room, but it will also encourage you to keep up with laundry. Check out the ideas below to get started on your laundry room mural today.

Motivational Words

Sometimes murals do not have to be scenes. In fact, one of the most clever laundry room murals is to paint motivational and inspirational words on the walls. Start by painting the walls a solid base color. Next, gather words or phrases that inspire and delight you. Things like Bible verses, quotes from famous people or sayings that reflect your beliefs are always popular. Paint them around the room at different angles and in different heights. You can use the same color for painting all the phrases, or mix it up and add a variety of color to the walls. If you would like to encourage organization in the space, paint words with arrows to the place where the laundry soap or fabric softener goes; this can add a functional, yet whimsical look.


Add a painted clothesline of clothing to your laundry room walls. Paint a line across the length of one wall and paint brightly colored t-shirts and other clothing on it. You can be as realistic or as whimsical as you like with the design of the clothing. If bright colors are not to your liking, select subdued tones that will reflect a more serious design. Even if your laundry space is a long closet in your upstairs hallway, a clothesline mural is a great addition for adding color, whimsy, and visual appeal.


Most laundry rooms are not in well-lit rooms, especially in older homes. Basement laundries are common and the dark, dreary space can be far from motivating. Paint the walls a solid color and then add murals of windows. The windows can be side by side, on opposite walls or arranged however best fits your room’s dimensions. Choose to paint the same or a slightly varied scene in each window, or paint entirely different views from each. One window could look out onto the Eiffel Tower while another could have you gazing out onto an Iowa cornfield. Be creative and have fun with the scenes. For a realistic touch, add real curtain rods and curtains to the top of the window mural.

Murals for the laundry room are a great way to brighten up an otherwise boring space. Do not be afraid to try something different. If the mural that you paint does not turn out the way you like it, you can always paint over it and start anew.

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