Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

By Meghan Carter (

Glazing kitchen cabinets is an easy way to give your kitchen cabinets an antiqued look. Meghan Carter demonstrates how to glaze kitchen cabinets, so you can enjoy the rustic feel of glazed kitchen cabinets in your home. With her instructions, you’ll have no trouble producing professional results when glazing kitchen cabinets.

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  1. Magic Dave

    “Glazing” as stated in this video is more properly called Antiquing which is a type of Faux Finishing…

    Antiquing is basically a Painting Technique, where a base coat (color of choice) is applied over the prepared surface… then (after it’s dry) a grain coat (can be more than one color of choice ie 2 or 3 coats) is applied to create a “grain appearance” … this grain coat can be applied using any of several applicators… such as small artist brushes, steel wool, cheese cloth, grain stamped tools, rags etc.

    IF the initial piece is CURRENTLY STAINED AND VARNISHED then it must be prepared first with a coat of Oil Base Primer… IF it is CURRENTLY PAINTED (and free of dirt and grease) then you can proceed to the Antiquing Technique with perhaps only Priming local “bare spots” first…

    Although special Antiquing “Glaze” is recommended for the grain coat, you can use regular Paint (slightly thinned) alternatively with good success…

    Here are photos to show you examples of Hand Antiqued Furniture:


    Antiquing can be lots of fun…

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