“Honey I just fired the painters.”

So you saw a home made paint contractors sign down at the end of the block and decided to call. The job that they were doing on the exterior of the house looked good from a distance. There were drop cloths not all canvas but bed spreads as well along with some old wood ladders and some twisted metal steps. Their vehicle parked in front of the house looked like it should have been retired long ago. Without actually going up to see the job at close range, or researching their references you gave them a shot as well as a third down.

On the first day they set up the ladders carelessly against the gutters leaving a few dings and dents in them. Not to mention stepping on the tulips you just planted. The painters return after a lengthy lunch break to start scraping with the paint chips decoratively filling your garden bed. Now its time to power wash with a garden hose on the front porch roof where the owner slips and falls on the wet shingles.

Later that evening you receive several phone calls from neighbors asking you what all the commotion is at your house. The paint crew arrives for a second day and starts to paint the house with oil base instead of latex as agreed upon, not to mention that the color is way off. After mentioning this to the contractor he agrees and begins to clean his oil brushes with water.

As the contractor heads out to the paint store he leaves the rest of the crew to paint the shutters while they are still attached to the house. “Honey I just fired the painters”.

Rowe’s Painting and Carpentry is dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced making sure that your project, no matter how large or small stands out from the rest.

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