How To Brush-Cut A Line

Learning how to “cut” a line is probably the most crucial part of all painting. If you can master it you are on your way to Professionalism…

This Technique apples to cutting a line anywhere: ceilings, casings, moldings etc.

First, get just the right amount of paint on your brush: keep it just short of dripping off. Now, the trick is to BEND the brush bristles and create a visible bristle line-edge of paint and slide this edge along the line you want to cut to…

You have to PRESS DOWN quite a bit on the bristles against the surface to get the brush bristles to bend and give you a fine edge to cut with… Hint: Do not “overwork” your Brush… Let the paint “FLOW” onto the surface!

Always take a stroke across first, just next to the cut line and apply some paint to give your brush a wet surface to slide on, instead of the dry surface…

Remember to work out of a bucket that’s no more than 1/3 full, and smack the brush against the inside of the can to get the amount of paint on it, just right; don’t wipe it across the rim.

To Cut into corners, you must “Point” the Bristles and Push them into the area, being careful to apply Paint only to the surface(s) desired…

Professional Painters can Brush and Cut lines equally well using either hand… this is a firm requirement for all good Painting!

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