How To Decide On Kitchen Paint

By Scarlett (Houston, Texas)

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and you want a decor that really stands out and gives the kitchen a unique look and feel to it. Choosing kitchen paint colors is important because it will set the mood for that room and help people decide whether they want to be in the kitchen or not.

Never buy the paint for the kitchen on impulse. You want to think it through before you decide on the color. If you see a color that you like, see if you can find the paint card and take it home to help make up your mind. Hold the paint card up to various items in your kitchen to see if it will match and how much you will actually need to change if you bought that color.

It’s important to know which shade you want for your kitchen. Do you want a soft color or bright color? It can also be warm or cool. You may want a brown tone in your kitchen but do you know how many different shades of brown there really is? There are light tones all the way to chocolate brown tones. Each tone can make your kitchen look completely different.

If you are really having trouble deciding, then consider using different colors of material or fabric to hold up to your wall. Seeing the color in comparison will let you see which colors you can completely rule out and which ones you think you can make work. You can narrow down your choices so you only have two or three colors to choose from.

When you are still having trouble narrowing down your choices, consider going to different restaurants and viewing their decor. This will help you decide what colors make you feel happy, sad, hungry, excited, distracted, anxious, and balanced.

If you have a small kitchen and you want it to seem larger, consider painting the kitchen a light color like white or yellow. The light colors make the room seem larger then what they really are. Dark colors make the room feel smaller. If you like the color chocolate and you have a small kitchen, you may want to paint your walls white and accessorize in chocolate. Or you can paint your walls a light color beige and accessorize in chocolate.

Remember, color is very important and you want to choose the right color for you. Make sure that you purchase what you want and you are not just settling on something because your kitchen is going to have a lot of traffic every day. If, after you paint your kitchen, you decide that you don’t like your choices, you can paint it again. This may be a little extra work but in the long run it will be worth it because you get what you want and that reflects on the complete decor.

If you have just moved into a place that has a dark kitchen and you want to brighten it up then paint the walls white until you decide on a color that you like. You can add color to your kitchen by placing colorful accessories in it. For example, paint the walls white and accessorize with colorful area rugs, art work, tablecloths, table runners, matching cookware, and dish cloths.

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  1. Anonymous

    Try a light tan. This will be tough as many colors have some red or yellow. Maybe shoot for a true light brown without any yellow.

  2. TLC2

    My time unfortuntely is yellowish with dark brown grout. I cannot afford to do the tile now, however I do wish to lighten the kitchen and everything beige, looks yellowish. Anything else seems to clash. Is there a wisp of taupe I can go with or does taupe have grey in it. What is the best color to use. White really makes the yellow tile clash. The appliances are bisque

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