How to Rejuvenate Old Cabinets

By mlsing

Breathing life back into your old kitchen cabinets can be quite a challenge especially if you’re inexperienced and you don’t have the money for it. An average replacement of a kitchen remodeling fitting 10x10x10 space can cost you anywhere around $1500 to $10,0000, depending on construction and wood type. Factor in customization options, professional fees and shipping costs and you’ve got yourself another reason for a heart attack. For those who don’t have any financial issues, this may seem like a walk in the park, but for the average American still barely making ends meet because of the economic slump, the costs are definitely harder for them to bear.

So how does a cash-strapped family revive the look and feel of their kitchen cabinets without having to spend a hefty sum of money for repair and replacement? Contrary to what most people will think, there are actually alternatives to full-blown remodeling. And if you’re one of the many few who actually believe that great kitchen cabinet remodels cost a lot, think again. Below are some tips that prove otherwise:

Wishy Washy

Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything besides the normal wiping and washing. Years of food residue, oil and grime, as well as fingerprints may have lovingly settled into your cabinets, causing some discolorations or stains. If before, you didn’t seem to mind, now’s the time to consider. Disassemble and remove hardware from cabinets and proceed with washing using mild detergent and water. With a rag, wipe the rest of the cabinets to make sure that there’s nothing sticking onto the cabinet. Let air dry or use a hair dryer if you want faster results.

Paint/ Stain Away

A fresh coat of paint or stain can transform a cabinet from faceless to a whole new league of its own. Choose a paint or stain of preference and one that’s advisable to the composition of your cabinets. You can use water-based or oil-based paints depending on preference. But before doing anything else, make sure that the wood has been sanded off for a smooth, even finish. Use a primer or pre-stain/conditioner to make sure that they are prepped up before coloring.

Accentuate Assets

Add specific accents such as hardware, mouldings or stencils that add flair and character to your plain cabinets. Many people overlook these but these small details can actually contribute largely to your cabinets’ overall look. You may replace old, worn out pulls and drawer with updated ones in stainless silver or chrome if you’re aiming for a modern look. If your taste is somewhat inclined towards a certain culture, era or if you prefer rustic charm, look for aged but sturdy hardware from antique shops.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your comment, Nancy! It’s always wiser to revamp old items since they have a great deal of history no manufacturer can provide. More often than not, these cabinets and furniture are still in great shape and serve their purpose well. Of course, they’re not as fresh as they used to but all one needs is a little creative ingenuity to make things work. What’s even better is that you help save the environment when you repurpose old home items. Glad to have helped!

  2. Nancy

    Great article on how to fix up your old cabinets without having to replace them! We see this all the time with our clients! It is pretty amazing all the fun you can come up with that will completely make over your cabinets and look like a million bucks with out having to spend it!

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