How to Wash a Brush

This short video is about how to wash and maintain a paint brush so that it keeps its shape for many paint jobs to come. Includes; Using a wire brush to remove dried paint, spinning and storage.

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  1. Magic Dave

    First off, the video does not mention if you should use cold, warm or hot water… use warm tap water… next it doesn’t really indicate HOW to get the heel clean (except by using a wire brush… which is not recommended, because it can damage the bristles…) you get the heel clean by BENDING the bristles back all the way with the cup of your palm, back and forth while rinsing it under the warm water… adding a little soap is good advice (recommend a little Pine Sol)…

    The technique shown for spin drying is good, in addition, pros will hold the brush by it’s handle and tap it’s heel against their shoe or boot to get excess solvent out of the bristles…

    And lastly, most users don’t have the cardboard brush holder available, so just lay the brush FLAT somewhere, to prevent curling of the drying bristles…

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