Ideas for Using Metallic Paint

Metallic paint adds a shine and shimmer to your living space that a flat coat of paint cannot. Some people shy away from the use of metallics because they fear their walls might come off as too reflective or create too opulent a look. However, there are various ways one can incorporate metallic paint into one’s décor. With the proper application and in the right setting it can create a lovely enhancement for your home.

Add shimmer and glow to walls. Metallic paint uses the surrounding light to create its shimmer effect. When selecting a surface to paint, consider the natural and artificial lighting in the space. For instance, a light yellow metallic wall in the kitchen that gets lots of natural light can give off a soft glow that enhances the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Or, you may choose a deep metallic shade for an accent wall in your bedroom that creates a beautiful shimmer when the two bedside table lamps are switched on. Incandescent and halogen lighting work best when you want the surfaces to reflect soft light.

Add coordinated shine. Metallic doesn’t have to mean a heavy gold or silver. Metallic paint now comes in a range of colors, from chocolate brown to emerald green to pale blue. The many color choices available give you the advantage of picking a shade that best coordinates with the color palette of your room. Try adding a glossy sheen to the walls in a neutral color that complements the rest of the neutral-toned furnishings and fabrics in a living room area. Metallics contribute to the illusion of space and make a room appear larger.

Enhance decorative items. Use metallic paint to give your furnishings or accents a touch of elegance and sparkle. It can be as easy as spray painting a lamp stand silver, or stenciling an interesting pattern in gold along the edges of a desk. Smaller decorative accents can also benefit from a little metallic paint. Paint a silver design on the outside of a glass bowl or add gold trim to the edges of pine cones for a festive touch.

Use in faux finishes and decorative touches. Faux finishes on walls such as sponging, ragging, and crackling can look great with a metallic base color. The reflective metal that shows through the textural coat of paint adds depth and shimmer to the wall. Another use for metallic paint is to apply it onto the ceiling to accent a light fixture or a room’s architectural details. You may want to stencil an intricate pattern around the base of a hanging light fixture, or paint the molding and trim in a room to enhance the style you are going for.

Dress up exterior. Metallic paint can be used to enhance the front entrance of your home or accent particular features of the facade. Painting the exterior trim and the hardware like the doorknob and knocker can produce a rich luster and warmth or a cool elegance. Just be careful not to overwhelm the exterior with metallic paint such that your house looks unwelcoming and out of place.

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