If you don’t use a High Quality Paint

If you are the best painter in the world but you are using other than a High Quality Paint… you are going to end up with trouble and an inferior job!

So what is a High Quality Paint? Well contrary to general opinion, many common name brands like Sears Paint, Dutchboy, Glidden, Behr, etc. are NOT good paints… even tho you might be paying a relatively high price for them… How do I know this? …45 years of painting, using dozens of brand names…

So what is my recommendation? Clearly it’s Sherwin Williams Classic-99 (flat, satin or semi) for interior work… and Sherwin Williams A-100 (gloss, satin) for exterior work… or if you want to use oil… Sherwin Williams SWP (gloss, satin, semi)!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have tried Behr interior and exterior paints off and on for a 3-4 years. The only time I have tried is when a customer supplies the paint or I’m helping a friend and they supplied the paint.

    Behr is lesser quality when compared to a good paint. Recently I was helping a friend and he purchased the paint in primer stuff that’s all the rage right now. Well, I wasn’t impressed. For less money I can buy better paint from a paint store, it’s that simple.

  2. Michael

    It looks like someone has an issue with Home Depot or Behr Paint. Drop the emotion and start using some objectivity. Cleveland Clinics independent testing shows Behr Paint as being among the most durable paints on the market today. The other thing to remember is this; paint quality changes from year to year, so making blanket statements about good or bad paints lacks any credibility. Next year Behr may be at the bottom of the list, but who knows until next year?

  3. Karl

    Your local Home Depot sells more paint in one month by accident than real paint stores sell all year on purpose. My biggest problem is people buying this “paint” applying it then complaining about problems. Example – “the paint washed right off with water and a soft rag”.

    Real paint manufactures include the following (I have used them all);
    # Devoe
    # Kelly-Moore
    # Benjamin Moore
    # Sherwin Williams
    # Pittsburgh
    # Porter

    The list can go on but I think you get the point, Behr isn’t listed!

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