Interior Cabinets Stain

By Rosalyn Boss (Bullhead City, AZ)

Make sure you sand off all the old top coat, even if it looks like no color is left on the wood. Yes! It takes patients, but if you missed any spots you’ll be sorry later like me.

Always test the stain color on one little piece first. Animals should be away from the area where you prepare to do the project.

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  1. Anonymous

    You don’t have to sand all of the old finish off to change the color of cabinets. Make sure it is a solvent based finish. I wipe down with wax remover or denatured alcohol, sand with #220, use 1/2 stain and 1/2 clear base, let it dry 24 hours. Put clear lacquer varnish or poly right over it. It saves the mess of stripping. Best to remove the doors and drawers. Good luck. Tell me how it went.

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