Tips for Keeping Interior Refinishing Projects Manageable

Interior wood refinishing is much less expensive and easier than replacing or even just refacing wooden cabinets and other elements of the house. Refinishing your home’s interior can save several thousand dollars.

But homeowners sometimes make the mistake of rushing into the project and then face serious problems. The following tips will help you keep your money saving interior wood refinishing projects manageable.

Interior Refinishing Tip #1 – Plan Your Refinishing Project

Interior wood refinishing is best done one room at a time to avoid a large disruption to your life. Decide on a room, or even a piece of wood, that you want to work on first, and leave the most visible wood for last.

For instance, if you are refinishing your kitchen and dining room, do one cabinet first. This will not only minimize the disruption but also allow you to practice your technique on the least visible sections. By the time you get to the most visible pieces like tabletops and cabinet doors, you will be much better at refinishing. And if something goes wrong, you will only have to redo a few cabinets, rather than your entire kitchen.

A good plan breaks up all the work into separate steps, each with a set amount of work time and materials. This type of idea allows one to concentrate on the work at hand and not get caught up into a view of the entire project. Constantly chasing the big picture will blind you to all the work needed to get there.

Interior Refinishing Tip #2 – Research the Steps and Supplies Needed

Now that you what needs to be done and have a general plan, you need to know how each step will be done and what tools and/or supplies are needed. If there is a step you have never done do some research to learn as much as possible before getting started. If you are using a new type of paint stripper or clear finish make sure you understand the steps and tools needed for an enjoyable experience.

Try to have all tools and supplies on hand. There is nothing worse than trying to accomplish something only to find out it is back to the paint store or hardware store for more supplies.

Interior Refinishing Tip #3 – Work in Short Bursts

Instead of rushing into it, work in short bursts, to avoid creating too much chaos in your life. Make sure to test everything to avoid having to go back and fix a segment. Finally, consider seeking out expert advice, even if you plan on doing the interior refinishing yourself. Those steps will save you time, effort, and stress.

Interior Refinishing Tip #4 – Test Wood Stains and Finishes Before Using Them

On a related note, test every stain and finish thoroughly before starting your interior refinishing project. Don’t rely on the samples on the hardware stores display. These can be misleading if they are not done with the same type of wood you are refinishing.

Get the stain and finish you plan on using and get a piece of scrap wood similar to what you’ll be refinishing. Test the stain and finish in the same manner as you would regularly.

When the wood is through drying, hold it up to the wood you plan on refinishing. If it looks good, then you are ready to start refinishing the pieces that use that same type of wood. If you aren’t happy with the results, you just saved yourself time and energy. It’s not easy to fix a bad color.

Interior Refinishing Tip #5 – Ask for Help from Professional Interior Refinishers

You may also benefit by seeking a consultation from a wood refinishing company. Many businesses specialize in planning refinishing projects in spaces that are in use. Even if you plan on doing the work yourself, you will find that consulting an expert at planning interior refinishing projects for homes and businesses in use will be a worthwhile investment. The small cost for excellent advice can avoid very costly mistakes.

A professional interior refinisher’s consultation may also be able to help you avoid unexpectedly difficult spots, like corners, or offer advice for doing them more effectively.

By taking time to prepare and plan, you can make your interior wood refinishing project manageable and successful. By going slowly, one piece of wood at a time, testing your stain and finish out beforehand, and getting professional advice, your wood refinishing project will go much more smoothly.

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