Kitchen Paint Colors – Choosing Coordinating Colors

The options for sprucing up your kitchen using color is one of the most versatile you will find. This is a resource that can be useful no matter what your style is – dramatic, subtle or in between. The kitchen is usually the room of the house where everyone spends the most time. The need for surroundings that are going to be cheerful and soothing as well is what the kitchen is all about.

Coordination is the Key

The paint you choose will reflect your style and flair. The brighter colors are great for cheery, creative spaces that everyone loves to hang out in and you will have plenty of company as you cook. Maybe your choice of colors is more subtle, such as grays and tans and soft pastels. The soothing atmosphere of the kitchen will be great for long talks around the table, meals that are family friendly as well as entertaining guests.

Keep in mind that you will have to coordinate the colors of the cabinets and other décor in the kitchen with the paint you choose. If this is going to be a problem, you may want to paint your cabinets as well. Some people find the cabinets are the only thing they have to paint to give their kitchen a whole new look.

If the walls are going to be your main project, consider the color of the trim in your kitchen. This can be changed as well but many people try to find a color that works well with doors and trim. Since there is typically a back splash around your kitchen sink and bottom cabinets, this is another consideration that will have to be made. You do not want your colors to clash. This can ruin the new look for the kitchen rather than enhancing it.

What’s Hot Today for Kitchen Paint Colors?

Colors have expanded today to include many that people would not have used in kitchens in the past. The color often goes along with the theme of the kitchen. The latest colors for today’s kitchen are varying shades of purple, blue, red, yellow and gray. The advent of different colors for appliances has had a lot to do with the new colors being used.

If you have an out-of-date kitchen, spruce it up and bring it into the future with gray. This is an exceptionally good look with black or stainless appliances. If you are someone that loves to experiment with making all types of food, this is a color combination that will make you feel as though you are a real chef creating your next masterpiece.

Are you taking your kitchen from drab and dark to light and airy? Then you will want to check out the different shades of blue, purple and yellow. This is a look that will brighten up the kitchen and make it seem even bigger than it actually is. Coordinate your curtains, wall trim, table and chairs with the different shades of the colors you have chosen.

This will create a look that tells everyone that visits your kitchen; this is the favorite room of the house. After all, the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of every home. If you need a few ideas, you may want to look at the color scheme in your favorite restaurant. You know – the one that makes you feel so comfortable and at home. Check out their décor and see if it will work for your kitchen and dining area.

Country style kitchen.Modern open style kitchen.

Different Colors have Different Effects

Did you know different colors can make you hungry or decrease your appetite? Red, orange and yellow can increase your appetite, although you may not want to use these colors if you are on a diet. Instead use blue, indigo and velvet – these are colors that will decrease your appetite. For a relaxing atmosphere and a balance in between being hungry and not being hungry, green is the perfect color.

So decide what effect you want to achieve in your kitchen and the next step will be to choose the hue of the color. This is another area that has many different choices so take into consideration what hue you are choosing. Dark colors often make a room more depressing than light colors. Choose an assortment of hues in one color and you can put them against the wall to allow you to see which one looks the best.

The time of day can change the look of paint as well. You should look at the colors you put on the wall at different times of the day. A color that looks great in the morning might not work so well in the afternoon. The brands of paint you choose can make a difference as well, so you should choose swatches from different brands while you are in the decision making process.

Options for Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

There are paint stores that have an awesome software option for seeing what your kitchen will look like painted different colors. The room can be put in and the colors changed electronically. This will let you see what color looks best.

The kitchen is probably the hardest room in your home to paint. It has all the appliances and different features. In order to paint and be happy with the color you have chosen, you will want to take your time. Do not rush into choosing a color that you will be unhappy with after it is done.

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