Make a Small Room Look Bigger With Paint

Small spaces can feel restricting and uncomfortable. Rooms that feel overcrowded make livable space less livable. It can also make selling your home a bigger challenge, as homes that are spacious sell better. Rooms with minimal space get used less often, reducing the amount of overall space in the home. However, it is possible to make the most of these cramped spaces without having to make pricey renovations.

Colors That Reflect

White, creams and icy blues work best for reflecting a rooms natural light, giving it a much more spacious and airy appearance. Bright colors are inviting and pleasing to the eye, but anything of a darker shade will absorb the light, making the room seem cramped. When choosing your favorite paint colors, keep this trick of the eye in mind, and steer clear of the deeper shades. Light colors give the illusion of more open space. Choosing paint for the trim and moldings of a room that is a lighter shade than what is on the walls will make it appear as though the walls are receding, as well as it give it a cleaner, neater look.

Arrangement is Key

The way the room is laid out can have a lot to do with how much space there appears to be. By blocking walkways or covering more floor space than necessary with excess furniture it gives the room a much smaller appearance. The more of the floor you can see, the bigger the room will appear. Arrange the furniture at an angle so that the room opens up in the center when approaching from the door. Also consider furniture that has more than one function, such as a storage chest that doubles as a table, and reduce the overall amount of furniture in the room.

Whenever the colors of the furnishings match the colors of the walls they seem to be absorbed by the room. It gives a sense of cohesion, and can be more visually pleasing overall. Try matching the furniture to the colors you’ve chosen for the walls to maximize the effect.

Lighten It Up

With the lighter, reflective paint on the walls, and the furniture arranged more openly, now all you would need to do is open the drapes. Natural light softens the room, reflects off of the lighter paint colors and gives the illusion of openness. Not only will it make the room look bigger, it will make it look more inviting.

Sometimes Less Is More

Minimize the amount of furniture in the room overall, and keep things organized. Having more space between pieces of furniture gives freedom of movement in the room, cutting down on the sense of restriction. This may not make the room look bigger necessarily, but it will make it feel bigger, which is equally important. Organization is naturally soothing for everyone, and will maximize the amount of space you have.

There’s no need to go to drastic measures to open up your home and give it a roomier feel. Make use of the space you have with these simple concepts, and not only will it look bigger, but it will feel bigger too.

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