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Your family room can look tired if you have kept the same decor year after year. The trends that were popular in the past no longer imbue the space with freshness and charm. Your family changes and grows through the years, so why not keep up with a new look for the family room? Instead of going out and getting new furniture or other expensive accessories for the room, consider the following paint ideas to perk up the space.

Vibrant paint colors:

Give your family room an overall contemporary vibe by using fresh colors on the walls. Shades like silvery blue, rose pink, and mimosa yellow are currently in vogue. While lighter colors can make the room appear brighter and more open, darker colors can add a warmth and intimacy to the space.

If you worry about bold colors overwhelming the room, try using the color on a single accent wall. A high contrast wall works beautifully, such as one in raspberry pink with the remaining walls in cream. A subtle contrast looks great too, like an accent wall in chocolate brown with the rest of the walls in taupe.

Exciting murals:

Your tired room will be revived with the addition of a contemporary mural on the wall. Whether your style is abstract, classic, or playful, an easy way to paint a mural is to select your favorite pattern from a fabric or wallpaper. Trace the pattern onto a transparency sheet, blow it up on the wall using a projector, and paint following the lines and curves. A family tree is a popular wall mural for a family room. You can even add framed photos of family members onto the tree mural.

Some other ideas for a wall mural are: painting a simple landscape of a favorite family vacation, like a beach or woodland scene; painting a collage of the activities your family enjoys, like supporting a football team or going out for ice cream; and painting a symbol or picture that represents your family’s values or heritage. If, however, painting your own mural is not your idea of fun, a professional decorator or artist can create a customized mural for your room.

Classy designs:

Keep your family room up-to-date and in style with classic paint colors and designs. Black and white spaces always have a classic look, and stripes are always in fashion. Combine the two and paint black and white stripes on a section of your walls. Since a family room should also have an element of fun and creativity, don’t shy away from painting polka-dots, squares, or floral patterns to decorate your walls.

Reflective paint like a glossy finish or metallic and pearlescent paints can also add elegance and style to your family room. Try applying a glossy finish of paint on one wall and a matte finish of the same color on the rest of the walls. Metallic paints are a nice way to get a little sparkle into the room, especially in areas accented by lighting, like those near wall sconces or lamps.

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