Don’t Roll Paint with a Tray – Use a Paint Bucket and Roller Grid Instead

A professional painter will always use a 5 gal paint bucket and bucket grid when rolling. This is much better than a paint roller and tray.
Professional Paint Roller Set-up
Paint roller bucket grids are used to rid the roller cover of excess paint, overloading of the cover. Use the same range of motion as with a roller tray.

Simply dip the roller in the paint and rake it across the grid in one direction, down, do this 2 or 3 times. Now you will have the right amount of paint for your chosen roller cover.

A 5-gallon plastic bucket can hold 2 or more gallons of paint and is more stable than a roller tray.

Combine this with a good paint roller frame, a high quality roller cover, and paint roller extension pole, now you have a professional paint roller set-up.

Roller grids are available in several sizes to fit most plastic buckets. These sizes correspond to the size of your roller frame.

  • 4-inch grids are perfect for small 1 gallon cut-in buckets and small trim rollers.
  • 6-inch grids work best in a 2-gallon plastic paint bucket.
  • 9-inch grids are designed for 5-gallon buckets.


Paint roller buckets with built-in grids are also available. Typical bucket sizes are 4 gallon, for 9 inch or smaller rollers, and large 19-20 inch buckets for the large wide roller frames.

With a paint bucket and bucket grid you can apply more paint in less time and with less effort. Don’t kick the bucket, just get rid of the paint roller tray.
Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Paint Roller Bucket GridA paint roller grid is a necessary part of a roller set-up when painting with a roller from 2 and 5 gallon pail. A roller grid helps remove excess paint and distributes it evenly on the roller cover to assure even application.

Wooster Wide Boy Paint Roller BucketThe Wooster Wide Boy Bucket (8614) is perfect for using wide rollers 12 inches or wider that won’t fit a standard 5 gallon bucket. Built-in 19 in. wide roll-off area for high-production jobs.

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