Painted Mural Ideas for a Girl’s Bedroom

Decorative painting is a lot different from just painting a wall a solid color. Whether you are trying out a new painting technique or creating a mural, the process is slightly different, as is the time needed to complete the project.

Painting a mural in a little girl’s bedroom is very rewarding, however, and certainly worth the time and effort. If you would like to create a mural, but are stuck for inspiration, try the two ideas below to get you started.

Playground Picnic

Children love playgrounds and parks! Bring some of that fun into a little girl’s bedroom decor with a playground picnic theme. The best way to start is by visiting a playground in the morning before it gets crowded and taking pictures of the swings, slides and monkey bars. If you want to include an aspect of the playground into the mural, take a picture of it. This will help you when sketching out the design on the wall.

Once you have the inspiration and example for the project, paint the wall a solid tan or white. If your playground will have a clear delineation between land and sky, you can even paint the top of the wall a pale blue and the bottom a grassy green.

Next, lightly sketch out the elements of the playground on the painted wall. Be careful not to draw too deeply into the wall or the impression will remain even after you have painted. Fill in the objects with paint and outline them if desired. A playground is colorful, so paint with bright yellows, blues and reds for a truly authentic playground feel.

Fairy Delight

Almost all girls seem to go through a stage where they adore fairies. What better way to tap into her interests than to create a fairy theme bedroom mural. Use some of her favorite fairy movies for inspiration.

Begin by painting the walls a light blue with green grass at the bottom. Add a tall towering tree in the corner and plenty of toadstools and fairy hiding places around the room by painting them on the wall.

Next, paint a collection of fairies scattered around the walls, under mushrooms, in the tree and walking among the flowers. Be creative when adding them in. If painting an entire fairy is out of your skill level, add vinyl fairies to the wall’s decor. This will be great fun for the little girl, as well, because she will be able to move them around the room. Colorful and whimsical should be the tone of the room’s new mural decor.

Creating a mural takes a great deal of patience. It also requires a modicum of skill and talent. If painting a mural is not something that you feel comfortable doing right away, try practicing on a piece of painted drywall. This will give you ample time to get comfortable with brushes and paints, so that when you create the mural on the bedroom wall it is done to your satisfaction. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help or consult a professional painter who specializes in children’s murals. They are often very helpful and it is good to have someone to step in and take over if your mural painting efforts go awry.

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