Painting a Decorative Design on the Porch Floor

While it is never much fun to re-paint a porch floor, there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable. By opting to be creative, you can quickly transform a plain wooden porch floor into a functional and decorative piece of art. Before attempting to paint any of the designs suggested below, be sure that the porch has been freshly primed and painted. This will ensure that the decorative design lasts longer.

Fun and Games

If you have a large covered front porch that begs for summertime relaxation, consider painting a checkers board on the floor. This will give the younger crowd something to do on a rainy day, and will provide visual interest and appeal. Painting a checkers board is relatively easy.

Begin by measuring out a large square on an area of the porch floor that is not covered by furniture. A 3-foot by 3-foot square is ideal. Using a checkers board for reference, measure out the smaller spaces and draw them on the floor. After the outline has been completed, use outdoor or acrylic paint to paint the lines and color in the squares. You can be as bold with the colors as you would like, and tailor them to meet the needs of your porch decor. After the paint has dried, cover it with two to three coats of clear shellac or glaze. You will wind up with a checkers board that not only looks great, but provides a fun place to play on those long, summer afternoons.

Colorful Rugs

Another idea for porch floor decorative painting is to paint a throw rug. While traditional throw rugs may not stand up well to the outside elements, a painted rug will fare much better. Begin by sketching out the length and width of the rug. You can make it any shape that you would like. If you are confident in your artistic ability, you can paint a pattern on the rug freehand. If you would like more guidance before picking up the paintbrush, sketch out the pattern beforehand. Take your time adding details and enjoy playing with different colors and patterns.

All in the Details

Sometimes, smaller details are better. Instead of painting a large decorative piece on your porch floor, paint small, whimsical designs. A tiny frog could be painted by a porch post or a delicate line of daisies could trail along the edge of the floor. While these details are smaller in scale and design, they still provide the visual interest and fun look that you are seeking. Be creative with the types of designs that you use. You can coordinate them with your family’s likes and interests, or paint them to match aspects of the design of the porch furniture and existing accessories. With small details, there are no right or wrong options.

It may take extra time to create a beautiful and decorative porch floor, but the end result is worth it. You will be creating a space that your family enjoys being in and a look for your porch that is truly unique. If you are worried about painting freehand, you can also use stencils or stamps to help get the look you are after.

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