Painting a Zebra Print Focal Wall

When decorating a room, sometimes the desire to do something truly unique comes into play. Designing a focal point, entire wall, adding accessories, or remodeling can each be a contributing factor to creating something that stands out in a most significant manner. Painting a zebra print focal wall can accomplish this craving for something out of the ordinary, and can be an elegant, modern, and stylish means of expressing some individuality.

A focal wall is a wall that is decorated much differently from the other three walls, either through paint, wall art, accessories, or wallpaper. It should harmonize with the rest of the room, because it is the center of attention for that particular room.

Most people choose a focal wall instead of painting an entire room in a bright, dark, unique, or very expensive style. This allows the room to feel more dignified and trendy at the same time, since attention is typically focused away from less attractive elements and toward the beauty or specific feature of that particular wall.

A zebra print focal wall is one of the more hip designs, and can be used to make a bold statement without looking vulgar. There are a few ways to paint a zebra print focal wall, each with a few benefits and drawbacks to help you narrow down which method works best for you and your room. Make sure to follow up with a professional if you have any questions, and understand what you are doing before getting started to avoid a fashion disaster.

The most obvious solution is to hire a professional to do the focal wall for you. This can be expensive, but a great way to ensure that you get the best result possible, especially if you have never painted before. It is not as much fun as a do-it-yourself project, and could create less room in the budget for matching accessories, but it is an option nonetheless, if you can afford it.

With just a little bit of work, a stencil is often the easiest way to paint a focal wall with zebra print. These stencils can be purchased at most home improvement stores, or craft and hobby stores that feature home furnishings.

Start by adding a good quality primer to cover the existing wall color, and allow it to dry. Cover the entire wall in white paint, and allow this color to dry completely as well. For each covering, it is often best to wait at least 24 hours to let the color dry and make sure that the coating is adequate and does not need a second coat. Finally, use the stencil to outline the zebra stripes. For best results, use a pencil designed for use during home construction, so that the outline will not be visible once the paint has dried. Using a smaller paintbrush, color in the zebra stripes as desired.

For those not blessed with the gift of drawing and painting stencils, consider using an appliqué on the white painted wall. These are very easy to apply, and do not fall or rub off easily. You can order fashionable wall appliqués at online stores and have them shipped directly to you, or stop by craft stores and pick them up. Follow the directions, and enjoy your new wall in no time.

Lastly, remember that a zebra print focal wall does not have to be designed in black and white stripes. Modern design and décor allows you to choose the base color (white) and add stripes of your choice. The most popular stripe colors are blues, reds, and multi-colored designs. This can add an even more personal touch to your focal wall, especially if you make use of a color that is special to you.

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