Painting Concrete Floors – Super Easy Tips To Get Fashionable Floors

By Scarlett Lovitt (Houston,Texas)

Stick around and read on to learn simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up those old and cracked concrete floors in this practical and straightforward guide to painting concrete floors – and make a great impact on your friends and family with an interior design approach that works, every time!

The best part about this super easy floor makeover idea is that unlike other options this can be pretty simple to follow through even without investing too much money or hiring high-end home remodeling professionals to do it for you.

Advantages Of Painting Concrete Floors

Apart from the main benefits of budget-friendly home redesign options, the choice of painting concrete floors lets you combine a sense of warmth, style and resilience to a high-use area of the house, be it the basement, living room or patio or any other space that looks cold and uninteresting right now.

Furthermore, with the right color choices and materials, you can also add another dimension to your concrete floor painting job by using varied textures courtesy different easy to source materials like a ball of twine or even circular bottle base intersecting the impressions these make on semi-hardened concrete, for a fresh, completely fascinating look.

Thus, any room in your house can be made to look more inviting and pretty, as opposed to looking drab and dust easy to spot on the darker concrete shades, since as a home owner you already know how ‘unfinished’ and stark standard treatments of concrete floors can seem to be. Especially if you use the area for entertaining, such as a game room or a family sit out, you may want to consider brighter colors for painting concrete floors (avoid black as this only highlights dirt/dust because it has a natural tendency to absorb light) for an easy and effective way to express your design choices.

By painting concrete floors in spaces you want to upgrade for other uses, such as a family media room or for frequent socializing, which are needs that crop up with changes in lifestyle and family size, areas with concrete flooring typically reserved for storage can be effectively brightened up for encouraging more people to congregate and enjoy its new look, instead worrying about your floor showing up scuff marks from shoes or tell tale signs of heavy furniture dragged or rolled across it.

Easy and Effective Tips For Painting Concrete Floors

  • Remember that for a job well done, you must make a thorough evaluation of the existing floor conditions so your efforts for cosmetically enhancing your concrete floors do not go to waste. For example, for floors that have experienced significant water damage, it is important to first deal with the seepage and waterproof the floor before you begin painting concrete floors. Give the floor adequate time to dry out before you start the painting job for best results.
  • Prep the surface by sweeping, vacuuming the floor to get it clean; follow up with fixing any cracks using a cement-repair compound available at local hardware stores and an acid etching (for bare floors or any bare spots) job. Let dry.
  • Prime floor with double coats, letting each dry out properly (24 hrs minimum) before using a roller with flat latex paint for redecorating your floor, or you can rent a paint compressor locally too, for optimum results in affordability painting concrete floors!
  • Finish up with a quality sealant after double coats of your chosen concrete floor paint have dried and voila! You have fresh, fashionable and solid floors you’d love to come home to!

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