Painting Kitchen Cabinets

By Meghan Carter (

Painting kitchen cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way to bring old cabinets back to life. Meghan Carter shows you how to paint kitchen cabinets and offers a few inspirational decorating ideas for really dressing up your kitchen cabinets.

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  1. Magic Dave

    Very nice video… I would have added the type of finish coat SHEEN required for best wear… probably semi-gloss… and also if the viewer is fairly good at brushing and uses good tools, he/she can leave the cabinet doors hanging, just remove the handles and cut around the hinges (or prime and paint them)…

    Also it isn’t really necessary to rough up the surfaces so much with sanding… just use the primer, but for better (indoor only) results and for quicker drying, use a pigmented shellac sealer primer… and really… Acrylic works well for the finish coat too (easier than oil for beginners)…

    And be sure to explain that the finish coat (as for almost all paint, oil or acrylic) will take about 2 weeks for complete curing, so keep hand contact to a minimum for this time period…

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