Patching Drywall Holes

Ever gotten angry and punched a hole in your interior drywall? No worries! I will show you how to repair it like nothing happened even before your landlord ever has time to threaten your security deposit!

In this video I will show you how with a few cheap and simple tools you can make even large holes fade away. At the bare minimum you will need: a metal patch, 20 minute fast set and a texture can (to match your texture should it apply). As far as tools you will also need: a broad knife, putty knife, a mud pan, sandpaper and your touch-up paint. This video specifically shows how to match a “knock down” texture, however, I also give lots of information about the three other most common types of textures (knock down, orange peel, skip trowel and smooth wall) so that you can match most textures all on your own.

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