Pierce & Seal Caulk Saver Tool

By BPMI USA (Tigard, OR USA)

The BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool is fantastic for anyone who uses caulking. If you were to look around in garages, contractor truck beds and job site tools boxes, you would easily find tubes of unused caulking in various brands and colors.

You might see tubes of unused caulking with nails or screws in the nozzle. This has long been a method contractors have been using to try in vain of saving the unused caulk. As any one who has done this will tell, “It doesn’t work!”

For anyone who uses any amount of caulk, the Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool will help you get the most value out of that expensive tube of silicone gooiness. By extending the life of the caulk for as long as six months (when properly used and stored) and in some cases . . . longer, the Pierce & Seal is well worth five times its weight in gold!

The term “caulk saver” doesn’t begin to explain the usefulness of the Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool. Yes, its main purpose is to extend the life of caulking products, but it is also designed for when you first cut open a new tube of caulking, to be used in piercing the factory seal. Similar “caulk saver” products only attempt to save the “save caulk”. But they aren’t made to pierce the factory seal and can hardly be used as many multiple times as the Pierce & Seal can, when properly taken care of.

The BPMI Pierce & Seal gives you more “caulk saver tool” for your hard earned money, to help save more of that hard earned money by extending the life of expensive caulking products. The Pierce & Seal is easy to clean and maintain, so it can be used over and over and over, again and again!

To use: Simply slide the Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool into the nozzle of the caulking and puncture the factory seal a few times, then start using the caulk as needed. When you have finished caulking your work area, remove the Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool from the Pierce & Seal clip and slide it back into the nozzle, cutting off all air flow to the tip. The triple seal Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool has two rubber gaskets that keep the air from flowing into the caulk nozzle and the cap acts as the third seal. On some tubes of caulk, the cap will snap onto the nozzle, holding it firmly in place. After you seal the caulk with the Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool, store as directed in a cool dry place and expect to use it again within a six month period.

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