Refinishing cabinets can be a lot of work.

By Jessie Johnson (Minnesota)

I tried to refinish my kitchen cabinets and its a lot harder than one may think… I ended up taking them to a professional finishing company. Expensive – yes but seeing the end result made it worth every penny.

Lesson learned – not all jobs are worth doing yourself!

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  1. Dale W. Palmer Profesional refinisher

    You can tone and top-coat cabinets very easily. Sand lightly. You can brush a stain over the old finish to change the color or just clear coat. Use an oil based stain if your going over a solvent based finish. Just spot some lacquer thinner on it and if it breaks down,it’s solvent based. Brush the new stain on with a bristle brush using long parallel strokes. Let that dry 24 hours and go over it with more solvent based finish. Lacquer is the best but you have to rent a sprayer. Tape off surrounding areas, and spray on using light passes. Let dry only 20 min. and sand and go over again. You can’t get cans of spray lacquer from Lowes. Go to a commercial paint store. Tell me how it works for you.

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