Remove Graffiti and Repaint Interior Walls

Retail space owners and landlord’s often inherit wall art and graffiti on interior walls that are unwanted;

This video will teach how to repair Graffiti and other unwanted images and art currently installed on interior walls. For the purposes of this video we will assume the walls are modern GWB (Gypsum Wall Board). Here are examples of wall images you may want to remove:

  • Graffiti by spray can; both the type installed by vandals or the artistic version commissioned by owners.
  • Faux finishes and Trompe-l’œil installed by artisans.
  • Adhesive decals and stickers.

Surface preparation

If the imagery is an applied media such as vinyl decals or stickers it will need to be removed by sanding and scraping. This process may damage the wall board. The damaged areas will need to be repaired with wall joint compound or spackling paste and then primed.

If the imagery has a buildup or texture, which is common with faux finish stippling, it will need to be scraped and sanded to a more consistently and even surface. Surface texture will affect how a wall looks even after it is painted.

If the image is charcoal or pencil lead it will need to be lightly scrubbed to remove the majority of the loose particulate.


After the wall prep work is completed the walls should be primed with an interior grade stain blocking primer. Oil based primers are more effective blocking stain and dark images than water base primers. The primer should be allowed to completely dry. Often the image will need to be primed twice if the wall will be painted in white or other light colors.


Once the primer has adequately dried the walls can be painted straight away as if it were any other wall.

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