Spray paint: Flawless wall painting.

By siem

Whenever we talk about painting walls, we picture the paint brushes and rollers up in our head. Although these conventional techniques are most widely used, but there are many flaws encountered in these techniques like using these techniques might leave impressions. All these issues were resolved by the concept of spray painting. Regardless of the area you want to paint, spray painting is always a good idea to get the clean and neat aesthetics. Spray painting is a concept in which the paint is filled up in the spraying machine and then it is sprayed evenly all over the area you want to paint, leaving the even and professionally painted surface. There are many types of sprayers that are used for different purposes to deliver the best results.

Types of Sprayers in market

There are many different types of sprayers present in the market designed as per the customized requirements to deliver excellent and fine results. Usually these sprayers are categorized on the basis of surface you want to paint and the coverage area. Below is the list of best sprayer category’s in the market:

1. Air Sprayers: these are designed for painting the small and medium sized interiors as well as exteriors.

2. Airless Sprayers: These are specialized in painting the large surfaces both of interior and exterior categories.

3. Cup Sprayers: These are the types of sprayed that are manufactured for painting small projects and for touch ups. These sprayers are often used in hobby painting as well.

4. High Volume, Low pressure [HVLP] Sprayers: Commonly known as the HVLP sprayers these are designed for detailing purposes that are efficient in customized painting designs.

How to go with Spray Painting?

If you are planning on painting using sprayers then, it is befitting that you should gather some basic knowledge about the sprayer and its types. Selecting the right type of sprayer is half the job while spray painting any surface. Make sure that before you start using the sprayer, you read the instruction manual carefully. Look below for some general tips and tricks that can help you:

  • Before getting on with the surface you want to paint, try it out at some scrape surface. This would help you grip on the settings of the sprayer you have.
  • If you are painting the iron surface, make sure that the there is no rust areas left.
  • Always keep your arm at a steady angle of 90 degrees to the surface and sway the sprayer. Don’t move your wrist while spraying.
  • Be spontaneous as soon as you trigger the sprayer else the paint will tend to build-up.
  • Maintain the consistent speed to evenly spray the paint on the surface.
  • Always keep in mind that leaving the spray unattended for more that 20 minutes will cause the paint to solidify.


Follow these tips and you are all set to paint any surface that comes in your way. Make sure that you choose the right sprayer and paint before starting the process. Although the process of preparation is a little time consuming still, once preparation this process of spraying paint over the surface is incredibly fast.

Pros of spray painting also include one coat coverage, smooth and professional finish and easy reach to inaccessible areas. Choose the right sprayer at an affordable price range from a wide range of exclusive sprayers available at paintsprayer online.

Author Bio:

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  1. Christopher

    That’s great but can I use it to spray house and what type of paint should I use

  2. Christopher

    Please can it be use both for car and house, if yes how much is the price and where can I get it

    • A quality cup gun can be used for both. But for the house it will be limited to spraying stains, some clear wood finished and high solids paints that can be thinned down and still produce a decent look. Cup guns can’t be used for regular house paint. An HVLP is similar to the cup gun.

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