Start with what makes you happy!

By Dee (Louisville, KY)

It’s just that simple! Visualize the places where you have happy memories – hiking in the woods in spring, sunrise on the beach, picnic in the park in the fall, a spa, a fancy hotel room/lobby, whatever.

Now isolate the colors associated with that memory: fresh greens, deep browns, robin’s egg sky; peach/purple/gold sky, sandy beige, frothy blue, orange, yellow, brown, deep green, aqua, celery green, soft soothing splashes of teal, icy blue, crystal clear mirrors, soft violet, huge arrangement of blue iris in a silver bowl.

Transfer those colors to elements of the room, walls, trim, bed linens, towels, curtains, pillows, vases/accent pieces, rug, carpet, etc. In whatever style you like – works with any of them – traditional, modern, historic, arts and crafts, cottage chic, etc.

And, there you are – surrounded every day by the very essence of those good feelings!

I just finished two rooms with these principles and it works just great! Give it a try – Okay, perhaps you need to experiment first – try the laundry room or a bathroom.

Have fun – it’s just paint and stuff!

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