Stay Safe While Painting

By Stefano

Painting is not a dangerous task, but there are some helpful tips to follow to stay safe while painting. Whether you are a lover of DIY or a professional, taking some safety measures will help to prevent a disaster. As a result, we present you tips to stay safe while painting.

1. Safety First! Paint with the Best Protective Gear

Painting with the best equipment is essential for best results but having the right protective gear such as coveralls and gloves on is more important because getting paint product or other chemicals on your skin will not only be painful but also can cause long-lasting health problems.

2. Always Read and Follow the Directions on the Label

Before you attempt to paint or use paint related products, ensure you read and understand the content on the label directions carefully. There may be safety precautions you may not know such warnings about preventing the chemicals from contacting your skin and ventilation requirements. Besides, you should know the right first aid steps to take in case an accident happens when you are using the product. The label directions will also guide you on how to use the product correctly and what product to use to clean up with after use.

3. Provide for Ventilation

Irrespective of the levels of fumes of a paint product, always ensure to have  ventilation in the room you will be painting. If there is no passage for fresh air or there are no windows in the room you are painting, use personal ventilation equipment or fans to blow the smell out of the room.

4. Use the Appropriate Paint for Each Job

Do not use a paint that is meant explicitly for exterior painting for the interior of a home. Except you do not have an alternative, try to use low VOC and latex paint products because they are less harmful to health and are eco-friendly.

5. More Painting Safety Precautions

You must be careful whenever you are using step tools and ladders. Take intermittent breaks and avoid getting dehydrated and tired. Pregnant women must not be allowed to paint and must not inhale vapors of drying paint.  Use drop cloths to protect surfaces and prevent slipping.

6. Dispose of Paint Appropriately

When you have finished painting, store the unused paint or get rid of it appropriately. If you would need the paint later, close the container tightly and label the container. Before disposing of unused paint, find out the directives guiding the disposal of paint in your local government.

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