Steel Colored Walls: The Perfect Backdrop to Display Art

Rainbows of colors are available for painting walls, but not all will complement your choice of artwork. There are specific colors that work well with wall art, and some that take so much away from the artwork itself that it will go almost unnoticed with that particular choice of paint. For example, steel colored walls are a perfect backdrop to display art.

Steel may sound like a cold and dark color, but it is actually a very cool and pleasant neutral that adds color to a room without taking attention away from what is featured on the walls. Each year, it becomes a more popular option for replacing more typical beiges and whites, and can easily be livened up with color splashes when you add accessories and furniture. Colors that are cool tend to make the room feel more spacious as well.

Your floor type is not limited when you choose steel colored paint as a backdrop for your artwork. Because it is a cool but neutral shade, it goes well with many different carpet shades, wood finishes, linoleum or tile patterns, or other floor considerations. It is a perfect complement for most modern and innovative floor patterns overall, and can really add something to the room as a whole, regardless of art.

When you display art in any room, you want the artwork itself to be the focal point, not the color of the wall. While it is nice to have a paint shade that is appealing and attractive, you want something that will add beauty, but not so much that people stare at the wall and miss the artwork displayed. Steel colored walls add a pleasant touch without stealing attention, thereby satisfying the requirement for being a great backdrop to display art.

Keep in mind that steel is not a one-color-suits-all shade that offers no variation or fluctuation for use in more than one room. Unless you are planning to paint all rooms in one base color, you want something that can be altered and changed—even slightly—to make the room look unique and attractive. Steel comes in several shades, from light to dark, that can be mixed or used individually to make the house flow but still be different enough to be unique.

Artwork can be displayed in any room of the house, so being able to change the backdrop slightly is a great way to transition from one room to the next. Instead of creating one room as an art gallery, you can use steel colored walls and great artwork to create a veritable art museum. Add color, creativity, and beauty with different color splashes in each individual room, or use the same colors with different shades of steel colored walls to create a theme for your home.

There are many ways to display art, and many ways to make your art a focal point. Choosing steel colored walls is just one perfect backdrop to display art in any room of your home.

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