Stomp & Drag

By Randal Walker (Martin, Tennessee)

I have been Stomping and Dragging ceilings for 16 years. I use a galvanized wash tub about 13 inches high. I mix my mud in a 5 gallon mud bucket. I then put the mud into the wash tub. Using a sheetrock Hawk, I put it into the mud in the wash tub and push it into the mud. I then pick the Hawk up and down a few times. Then I lightly place the Hawk on the ceiling tuning it 1/4 turn each time I touch it to the ceiling. This is repeated until the ceiling is done. I then take a trowel, at least 12 inches in length (LONGER THE BETTER) and lay it on about a 75 degree angle and drag the mud to the thickness I prefer.

On rooms that have a poor finish on them I will also do the walls. It’s fast, easy and looks great. REMEMBER, only get the mud on the face of the Hawk.

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